The Danger Hour-Episode#200(Manly-Pedi)

HOLY MILESTONE! The Danger Hour reaches 200! That's right, Episode#200(Manly-Pedi) is now infecting the interwebs! In this Episode, James Danger is joined by Lido The BoyWonder Sidekick as well as the their wives, Natalie Hellcat and Sandra Shido.  After a few drinks, the group decides to press record, and discusses such topics as: The early days of Danger, behind the mics, Lido is a terrible husband, Lido's toes, James vs spider, pixie hitchhiker, kids say the darndest things, old lady Lido lust, James almost kills his daughter and himself, and so much more!  So grab a drink, remove your clothing, press play and waste some time in style.

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