The Danger Hour-Episode#201(It’s A Clip Show)

HOLY WALK DOWN MEMORY LANE! The Danger Hour-Episode#201(It's A Clip Show) is now infecting the interwebs! Your fancy pants host, James, guides you through an entire show of clips of favorite moments from past Episodes, including: Javier pees in front of James' mom, Fernie's famous Halloween story, Eddie Gears' how to hook up at a gay bar, Paulo's drunken Valentine, Bobbert's story about Vegas abduction, Rhino finds love in a TJ whore house, A Violet Sun live musical performance, Abraham's twisted testicles, Michael Caine on KROQ, Lido and SuperDick join in for a Halloween Campfire Scary Improv Story, The Gingerbeard Man's Anal gone wrong, Doogie and Nature Boy's awkward southern phone sex, James' Phedophile Song list and maybe a little more. So please remove all of your clothing, press play and waste some time in style.

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